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Cadmium plating is one of the most effective processes for the relevant tools and machinery. It is applied to a base metal which adds excellent resistance to corrosion in most marine and alkaline environments. Cadmium has great properties and therefore it also acts as a sacrificial protection to the metal by being preferentially corroded when damaged.

We have great expertise in offering these services. We focus on end to end solutions such as cadmium plating corrosion, cadmium plating thickness, and cadmium plating color. We also offer cadmium plating kit. It has excellent bonding surface, has great corrosion resistance and helps resist mold and bacteria growth thus adding increase performance and longevity of the tools and machines.

At Hard Chrome Enterprises Inc, we have satisfied and happy clients from across industries. It is not just the best services that we deliver but also the passion, integrity, and commitment with which we help our clients is what gives us a great edge over others. We are one of the most trusted companies today with years of experience in this space.


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